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Premium Channel FAQ
Please click a link below to find out more information on the topic. Each link opens an FAQ on that subject, which you may browse. If you still require help, please contact us stating the exact nature of the problem in detail. To ensure a fast response, please help us to help you by copying and pasting all relevant error messages into your email.

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Why should I subscribe to GMN Premium?
For as little as $7.99 per month you become a part of the exclusive GMN Premium , with access to a huge range of content unavailable elsewhere and specially tailored for our valued Premium subscribers. Receive a free CD every month. Read More

If I live outside the United States, how I can purchase a GMN Premium subscription?
All GMN visitors throughout the world are most welcome to become subscribers and can use all major credit cards to complete the subscription Read More

How much does GMN Premium cost?
A month-by-month subscription will cost you $9.99 per month, which includes access to the GMN Premium area of our site and your free CD delivered to your door. Read More

Are there any special offers?
From time to time GMN presents special membership offers to join Premium. Read More

What types of credit card may I use to pay my regular subscription fees?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Nova. Read More

What security do you offer me when I use my credit card Ė is it safe?
All personal and financial information is transmitted and stored in an encrypted and secure format (via SSL server). Read More

How do I claim my free CD each month?
Every month, each subscriber will receive a short email highlighting whatís new and exciting on GMN Premium. We will also give you the list of CDs from which to choose, together with a link to the Premium area of the site... Read More

When will I receive my free CD?
When you subscribe to GMN Premium, your first CD will be sent out within two working days. Read More

If I live outside the United States, will I be charged additional shipping costs for my CDs?
No. Packaging and mailing charges are absorbed within the monthly subscription payment. Read More

If I live outside the United States, will I be charged by customs for any CDs received?
As this is a single, complimentary CD that may in a large number of cases be mailed from a local outlet, this is unlikely to apply. However, unanticipated local taxes are on an individual risk basis. Read More

May I use a check or money order to buy my subscription?
At this time unfortunately we are unable to accept checks or money orders as payment for a GMN Premium subscription. Read More

May I pay on a monthly basis?
Yes. Please select the appropriate option on the subscription application form, or consider one of our special offers. Read More

Can I change the credit card/payment details/delivery address if I need to during the period of my subscription?
Please contact Read More

How do I renew my membership?
Subscribers that pay on a monthly basis will have their serviced continued unless they wish to unsubscribe. Read More

What happens if I donít like my free CD?
Every month we will endeavour to offer a fresh and interesting range of options for you to choose from. Read More

What is your cancellation policy?
Please give one monthís notice in writing (by email) to Read More

Can I create an auto login & password?
You will not have to log in, as long as the cookies on your site have not been disabled, as our servers will automatically recognise you. Contact if you have any problems but it is unlikely. Read More

How do I sign out?
Click on the 'Sign out' link within GMN Premium. Read More

Does my subscription allow me to access GMN Premium from more than one computer?
You will not have to log in as long as the cookies on your site have not been disabled as our servers will automatically recognise you. Contact if you have any problems but it is unlikely. Read More

If I canít remember my password, what do I do?
When you visit GMN Premium, you will be asked to submit your email address and password. Read More

Is my name and address protected? Will you be supplying it to anyone else?
At no point will private information (name, address or email) ever be given free or for a charge to any third party company or business. Read More

Does GMN Premium use cookies, and if so, what does this mean for me?
GMN Premium uses a very, very small piece of data called a cookie that will allow our servers to recognise your membership details and give you the appropriate pages. Read More

Will GMN Premium be an ad free zone?
GMN Premium subscribers will not be shown banner, pop-up or other advertisements from third parties. Read More

I have a different question Ė how do I find the answer?
For enquiries relating to editorial matters please email the editor at For billing, subscription or technical enquiries, please contact Read More

How do I buy a gift subscription?
Purchasing a gift subscription is a simple online process, and one which results in a unique, immediate and personal gift. Read More

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