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Pavarotti "disappoints" UK tenor star janeb
Fri Jul 27 2001 18:47
Does anyone else out there think that Russell Watson is getting a little too big for his boots (or tonsils)? (English expression denoting hubris). I'm no fan of Pavarotti, and I think it's time he took a final bow and concentrated on breeding horses, but for a karaoke star to think himself up to 'duetting' with such an international figure is surely pushing dumbing down to its limits?
re: Pavarotti Lyle
Fri Jul 27 2001 23:13
Pavarotti is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) of all time. He has given the opera world many years of the finest performaces ever brought to operatic and concert stage. Record sales of operas has never been higher for all opera stars do to Pavarotti singing. Pavarotti has done more for opera that the world ever seen. If he has a bad performace I would hope we would be more thankful for what he have given to us than jump all over him when a performace was not one of his best.
re: Pavarotti Julian Thake
Sat Jul 28 2001 09:36
Agree with Jane. Russell Watson is sub-Bocelli classical extra-lite, a singer with no more than an OK voice who's had a lucky break (courtesy of that well-known artistic luminary the chairman of Manchester United) and has now gotten well and truly "up himself", as our Australian cousins say. I'm less of a Pav fan than Lyle (for me his accuracy and power never fully made up for a surprisingly frequent rawness of tone, and he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag), but he's certainly a major figure who doesn't deserve such sub-fusc company as Watson.
re: Pavarotti Robert68wc
Thu Oct 18 2001 02:16
Thank goodness Pavarotti and his minders have taste! after being subjected to Miss Church and then Russell Watson anyone who was still left with any musical dignity would of refused to sing with either of them. The British public have been hoodwinked by the medea into thinking the pair of them have good voices. Not so Watson spends most of his time singing in the lower Keys as his voice is not trained up to full operatic tenor standard. Any trained singer can tell the voice is in three parts and not focused in any. Miss Church has been exployted as well her voice has been over developed at to young an age, she will soon have the dreaded noduals because of the way she is now producing the sound.
re: Pavarotti , miss church, et al. sandi
Tue Dec 4 2001 05:40
just wanted to say a word about miss church. she is quite an oddity now of course. but in a few short years, she will be older and no longer a novelty, a "flavor of the month", and her voice will certaily have suffered from all of this. it's somewhat creepy to watch the adverts for her on tv. besides, let's get real here can we? her voice is not all that good.

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