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Harpsichordist Igor Kipnis dies
Igor Kipnis, the renowned harpsichordist died on the 24 January in Redding, Connecticut from cancer. The son of the great inter-War Wagnerian bass, Alexander Kipnis, Igor Kipnis had a multi-faceted career that took off when he became musical director of a New York radio station after graduating from the Westport school of music in Connecticut.

After a spell as a music critic, he took up the harpsichord professionally, displaying strong and imaginative interpretations of the classics of the repertoire. He didn't stop with the Baroque era classics, though, and became a great popularizer of the instrument, often playing and recording many pieces in the pop idiom.

He also never lost sight of the possibilities the harpsichord has for the modern era through his contact with contemporary composers. At his death, he was still preparing for the premiere of a new work written for him by Philip Glass.

A fine performer on all manner of keyboard instruments, Kipnis held a number of posts as an educator and was also much admired for his writing and criticism.

Tue Jan 29 2002 (2:13:49 AM)